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Our Strategy

Guided by Scandinavian entrepreneurial values and strong governance, we have a clear strategy to fulfil our mission of enriching and simplifying lives through Friendly Homes. Beyond providing homes, we ensure sustainable, long-term returns for owners and meaningful contributions to society. This is facilitated by fostering a stimulating work environment and satisfying tenants.

Our Mission

Enrich and simplify lives through
Friendly homes

Five Strategic Goals

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Commercially Outstanding

Commercial success is the cornerstone of our strategic goals, powering the creation and growth of Friendly Homes. Profitability serves as the rocket fuel and enabler of all we do!

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Quality Living for Customers

Providing living experiences through proactive service, digital innovation, and community-driven solutions embodying the Friendly Homes mission.

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Efficient & Innovative Operations

We optimise operations at every level, driven by a continuous improvement mentality to achieve our Friendly Homes mission more effectively.

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Friendly Workplace

Our business thrives through the growth of our people. A Friendly Workplace lays the groundwork for delivering Friendly Homes.

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Society Contribution

Our Friendly Homes mission goes beyond our doorstep, as we contribute to addressing significant social and environmental challenges – where we have the most impact!