Work Health, Safety and well-being are our top priorities – we provide a safe and secure physical, psychological, and social workplace.

All our people share the responsibility for the culture and for actively and continuously contributing to improve and strive for excellence within Work Health & Safety. We work systematically to eliminate the number of accidents to achieve our zero-target and conduct regularly proactive risk assessment and monthly accident/incident reporting, documented in publicly accessible protocols.

Our people have access to the knowledge, supervision, work processes, tools, clothes, and personal protective equipment required for them to perform their daily work in a way that ensures their health, safety, and well-being and gives everyone a possibility to perform – and outperform - in their job.

Each Manager is responsible for the Work Health & Safety for their team and subordinates, ensuring it is always top of mind as well as conducting monthly follow-ups on the well-being of the team and work health and safety through group defined KPI’s.