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Heimstaden's corporate governance framework creates value by enabling effective decision-making aligned with the business strategy and strong governance, fulfilling the commitments to stakeholders. We have approximately fifteen policies, with supporting manuals, guidelines, and standard operating procedures (SOPs). These documents are periodically reviewed by the Governance, Risk, and Compliance Function (GRC), updated by C-level executives, and approved by the CEO or the Board.

Statement of Corporate Governance

Articles of Association


Code of Conduct


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Management and Leadership

Leaders inspire employees to strive towards our vision and goals, and provide guidance on how to reach them, as a team and as individuals.

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Business Partner Principles

How our business partners need to act.

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Our whistleblowing solution enables anonymous reporting about irregularities.

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Sanctions Policy

Supporting international law, human rights, and democratic principles.

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Equal Rights Policy

We are different and it is great!

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Insider and Information Policy

High quality and aligned communication in all channels.

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Environmental Policy

Everyone has the right to live in a Friendly Home.

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We require our suppliers to abide the UN Global Compact principles.

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Lobbying Policy

Ensuring transparency and best practice.

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Interns and Temporary Staff

We give people a fair chance to their first job.

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Work Health Safety

Work Health, Safety and Well-being are our top priorities.

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Base Year Recalculation Policy

Ensuring like-with-like comparison.

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Human Rights Statement

Ensures equal and fair rights.

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Modern Slavery Statement

Taking a stance against modern slavery.

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