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Sustainability is the only way forward. To truly live up to our strategic goal of Society Contribution we go beyond providing homes, contributing to addressing social and environmental challenges in the areas we have the most impact.

Our values are rooted in our Scandinavian heritage:

Welfare System

No one left behind


Opportunity for all

Sustainable Mindset

Care for our planet


Society Contribution, Inspiration, and Enrichment.

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Sustainability Impact

The road to mitigating climate and social challenges is long. Heimstaden is transparent about our status and how we will reach our goals. Our most important KPIs from 2021 are:

Weight Icon co2

CO2e/SEK million revenues

Scope 1 & 2 emissions from energy purchased by Heimstaden and used in its properties – FY 2022

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24 kg

Scope 1 & 2 emissions from energy purchased by Heimstaden and used in its properties – FY 2022

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social lease contracts

with 2,390 social leases, in our portfolio, for socio-economically challenged people – FY 2022. (FY 2021: 2,321 social leases)

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Sustainability Strategy

Society Contribution is one of our five strategic goals. This is supported by an underlying sustainability strategy and group-wide sustainability targets, covering environmental, social and governance aspects.

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Key Achievements

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Revised our climate targets and set a new climate roadmap to be in alignment with the Paris Climate Agreement.

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Our climate targets got validated by SBTI.*

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Strengthened our human rights due diligence process and published a Human Rights Statement.

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Begun performing climate risk and vulnerability assessments in our properties.

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Housed more than 500 Ukranian refugees.

*for Heimstaden Bostad